Tips To Make Moving Easy And Fun

Moving can be a nightmare, or it can be easy and fun. After I had some bad experiences, I decided to make some changes. The last time I moved it was a wonderful experience for my entire family. I want to share my tips with you, so you can enjoy moving to your next home.

Time For A Little Housecleaning

One mistake I made when moving in the past was leaving my house exactly as it was until it was time to pack. This caused a lot of unnecessary stress and chaos, because I needed to decide at the last minute what to take and what to leave behind.

You can avoid my mistake by sorting through your home long before your moving date. The easiest approach is to divide everything you own into four categories. The first includes the items you plan to take with you when you move. The second covers items you can throw away. The third covers items that can be recycled. The last category includes items to donate to a charity in your area, give away to friends, or sell at a yard sale before you move.

This early sorting takes a bit of time, but it is worth it. You will not risk leaving important items behind, or going through the extra bother of packing items you do not need. Everyone in your family can help with this process, so no one will be without his favorite possessions in your new home.

Itemize Everything You Own

There are a number of benefits to itemizing your possessions. First, when you know what you plan to take, packing will be easier. Second, you will be able to check each item off your list when you arrive at your new house.

The simplest approach is to itemize on a room-to-room basis. You can use a standard notebook and have a separate section for each room. From furniture and household goods to clothing and books, list every item you want in your new house. In addition to the bedrooms, bathroom, living room, and kitchen, have a section for items that are in your basement, attic, and garage.
Purchase Packing Supplies

In addition to boxes, you will need plenty of bubble wrap, clean newspaper, towels, packing tape, and waterproof markers. If you can afford the extra cost, it can be worth the expense to have professional movers pack for you. Fragile items will not be broken, and everything you own will arrive safely.

If you want packing to be a do-it-yourself job, make sure fragile items are wrapped and padded in the boxes. You can use movers wrap to wrap large items that do not fit in boxes. Movers wrap can also provide extra protection for breakable products inside boxes.

Choose Your Moving Date

There is much more to moving than transferring your possessions from one home to another. A specific moving date will help you set plans into motion. One example is requesting your mail be forwarded to your new house. If you do not want your mail delivery to be interrupted, notify your local post office four to six weeks before your moving date.

Second, notify your current utility companies and the companies you will be dealing with at your new location. The companies you are currently receiving services from will know when to turn off your service, and the new companies will know when to turn it on. You will not have to pay for service you are not using, nor be without service that you need.

Third, know as much as you can about your new location. The transition will be easier when you know where to find your children’s new school, the post office, grocery stores, and businesses you will be dealing with after you move.

When you have a moving date, you will have the chance to use food you do not plan to take with you. You can have a barbecue or a party where you can say goodbye to all of your friends.

When you have a moving date, it is also time to contact a moving company. This is not something to put off until the last minute. As arrangements must be made, make an appointment to visit the movers in person. You can discuss arrangements, ask questions, and have all your concerns addressed before you sign the contract.

You need to know the items from your household will arrive safely, and at the correct time. When you are confident that you have chosen the right company, you can relax and enjoy your moving plans.

Maintenance For Your Car

Regardless of how far you plan to travel, your car must be in excellent condition. This is the ideal time to visit your mechanic. Your car should be thoroughly checked for any mechanical issues, repairs made if necessary, and cleaned both inside and outside.
Prepare Your Current House For Its New Owners

You do not want to leave your house in poor condition. When you take time to clean it before you move, the new owners will appreciate your thoughtfulness.

The best time to clean is after the movers have removed your possessions. It is easier to do a through job when you do not have boxes stacked around the house. You can be ready to leave your house clean and tidy when you walk out the door.

Make More Lists

Moving is definitely a time for making lists. You should prepare a list of items you want to personally take to the new house. If the movers are delayed, or you have chosen a different date for the moving van to arrive, there are some items you will need.

Some examples include toilet paper, personal grooming supplies, paper plates, napkins, paper cups, and plastic utensils. Also consider light bulbs, and locks for your doors.

Another list covers items to take in your car. Depending on how far you are traveling, this may include a first aid kit, small blankets, and refreshments.

Prepare a checklist of tasks to complete when you are ready to leave. Suggestions include making sure the doors and windows are locked, the lights are turned off, and your cell phones are fully charged. You do not want to risk someone breaking in, or electricity being wasted. You definitely do not want to risk a dead battery if you experience an emergency while traveling.

Moving Can Be An Adventure

Regardless of how far you are moving, it can be an adventure for your entire family. One mistake I made in the past was rushing to my destination. I missed many attractions I would have enjoyed, and had tired, grumpy children.

A few tips can help you avoid this mistake. One tip is to check the internet to see what is available between your current house and your new house. You will find a variety of attractions along the way. Plan to stop at a number of places that you and your family will enjoy. Take pictures so you can have memories of your trip.

A second tip is to plan for rest along the way. Unless you are moving within your own city, traveling can cause fatigue. It is dangerous to drive when you are tired, and everyone in the car can have aching legs. Plan to stop occasionally for healthy, restful breaks.

Tips For Your Trip

Even if you have a debit card or credit card, you should always carry a small amount of cash. You may want to tip your movers, purchase snacks or drinks from vending machines, or leave a tip when you visit a restaurant.

To make moving day easier, plan to start the trip early in the day. You may need to pack your bedding and personal grooming items, there is usually less traffic early in the morning, and you will feel more refreshed when you get up early.

If possible, plan to be at your destination when the movers arrive. There could be problems if the movers arrive before you, and you do not want to wait long for your possessions. An additional reason is you can be present to show your movers where to place the furniture and other heavy items.

If You Are Moving With Pets

Your children need special attention when moving, but so do your pets. A cat or dog who is traveling in a pet carrier needs time for fresh air and exercise. They can have this opportunity with a collar or harness and a leash.

When you are stepping out for a rest break, do not forget your furry friends. They should have some time outdoors, and you can make sure their food and water bowls are filled.

When You Arrive At Your Destination

Your adventure is not over when you drive into your new driveway. Whether the professional movers have brought everything in, or whether you must wait for it to arrive, it is time to give yourself a break and enjoy your new surroundings. Unpacking can wait until tomorrow.

One tip I found useful was ordering food to be delivered to my new home. As the last time I moved was so much fun, I did not want to spoil it with unpacking pans and dishes, cooking, and cleaning up the new kitchen. Pizza delivery allowed the adventure of moving to last a little longer.

Call for delivery, and your family can have time to settle in and relax. You can talk about the trip, and whatever you plan to do tomorrow. Your children will be excited about their new school, meeting new friends, and exploring the neighborhood. You can share their excitement and have plans of your own when you do not hurry to unpack.
I have had a few chaotic experiences with moving. Nothing proceeded as I had planned, and the entire experience was exhausting. My last experience was better because I was well-organized and took time to relax.

Moving can be a great experience for you, too. With a little organizing, your whole family can have a trip that they will remember fondly. While there is much work involved in moving, you can follow through with your plans and have a good time.


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