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How Professional Piano Movers Philadelphia Can Help You

A professional mover will make sure that every item that could obstruct their transportation is removed before they start. This is done for facilitating the project and to ensure their protection.

Moving a piano is hard work, and you should hire professionals to take care of this tedious task; it should keep your piano in good condition. Besides, professional piano movers are familiar with many piano brands and will know the intricacies involved with your particular piano.

A Yamaha, for example, is very different from a Steinway, and it is a difference that needs to be taken into account. Yamaha’s are relatively stable and not as delicate as a Steinway. This is why keeping a Steinway leveled is of the utmost importance. This will ensure the tuning of the piano is not disturbed. Yamaha’s are a little stronger and can be maneuvered with a little more ease. Of course, this does not mean any less care will be given to a Yamaha. This is meant to highlight the fact that a professional knows about the kind of care that he or she should give to a specific type of piano.

Professionals will also use hoisting tools and other heavy duty tools for pianos located in places that are hard to navigate. In short, there are good reasons to use professional movers. But there are a few things that you need to do, too.

Important Questions to Ask a Mover

There are other aspects of having your piano moved by professionals that you should address. This can be easily done by asking the right questions.

Those questions boil down to the kind of insurance the moving company offers. Most movers offer 3 types of insurance, though not at the same time. One covers any damage that is done to the mover’s equipment or vehicle. The other insurance covers damage done to the piano itself. You should find out about the coverage on your piano. And the third is a worker’s safety insurance. This is important because a worker could hurt him or herself, and you may be liable.

These are just some of the reasons you need to hire good piano movers Philadelphia and how to go about doing this in an effective way. Just make sure they quote you a fair price for the moving service.

You don’t want this to happen to your piano, do you?


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