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While there is no dearth of moving companies Philadelphia, are all of them equally efficient?

This is why you should spend some time researching services offered by different such companies before selecting one of them.

By researching, we imply that you should check the time they take to move your goods from one part of the city to the other. You should also confirm if their prices include unloading goods from your current home, packing and loading them on their transport vehicle, as well as loading them at the destination point, unpacking them, and arranging your goods in their respective places.

Let us take the stress

If you have ever entrusted the responsibility to an unprofessional company before, you must be aware of the headaches associated of working with them.

It might sound funny, but quite a few local movers expect you to pack up your belongings, make a list of goods in each pack, and mark the bundle accordingly. The few that use their personnel to do this task do so in a haphazard manner.

More often than not, they will put fragile goods at the bottom of the carton. Resultantly, you can expect to find some of your precious belongings damaged while unpacking the cartons.

Damages caused due to weather

Philadelphia experiences both light and moderate rains. Can you imagine the damage the water can cause to your goods, during transit, if the company relocating them does not cover them properly against the elements?

Forget about asking them for compensation because many moving services do not have a third party insurance coverage. Could this be the reason that they are able to offer their services at down to earth prices?

You will be surprised to know that many of them do not have their own transportation: they hire a van as and when required.

Our care and attention to details

We take extra care of your equipment and have our own fleet of vehicles.

Our third party insurance policy covers all your goods against damages from the moment we start removing them from your existing house until we store them in their respective places at the destination point. Our insurance covers both your existing apartment and one you are shifting too.

This allows us to compensate for any damages caused by our staff during the shifting process. Our staff will note down the contents of each carton on different sheets, and assign separate codes to each of them. This allows them to carry out the unpacking process quickly and efficiently.

We pamper your belongings

Of all the other moving companies Philadelphia, we are one of the few that takes extra care to protect your fragile goods.

Our staff will first wrap them in bubble wraps before placing them inside the carton. For extra protection, they place all such items at the top of the carton to protect them against weight. For added protection, we only use plastic cartons.

Not only do they provide protection against the elements, their high tensile ensures that they can withstand much more weight when stacked up on top of each other.

Flexibility is our second name

Our prices are as flexible as your needs.

Let us know if you already have a truck: we shall lower our prices accordingly and charge you only for labor required to pack and load the goods at the point of origin, and unload and unpack them at the destination point.

In such circumstances, we recommend that you get an appropriate home insurance policy, particularly one that covers valuables like jewelry and documents. You need not worry about damages caused during packing and unpacking since our insurance covers those aspects.

We doubt if any other moving company in Philadelphia offers such flexibility.

Help us to help you

Although we exercise extreme care during the transportation process, we need to know the entry points of the destination building. This helps us during the packing process.

If we find that the entry point is narrow, we shall pack the goods in smaller cartons. Get in touch with us a couple of days before you plan to shift, so that we can chart out our plans accordingly.

You only need to sit back and relax while our team takes care of the job. You will realize why our clients refer us as the leader amongst moving companies in Philadelphia once you move inside your new home.

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